Our company’s policy expresses our commitment:

  • To succeed in satisfying our clients through the constant development of our procedures and services, so that we can ensure that we realize, cover and go beyond our clients’ expectations.
  • To complete the projects without accidents or repercussions concerning the health of the employees.
  • To prove the environmental sensitivity or our corporation and the decrease of its environmental impact.
  • Improve our energy performance, including energy efficiency, use and consumption.

Our primary targets are:

  • To recognize and satisfy the demands of our clients with consistency
  • To comply with the legislative demands that are applied to our field
  • To reinforce our position to the local market.

In general, we strongly believe in the building and conservation of good relations with our staff, our clients and the wider society.

We anticipate the constant development and we also expect our employees to play an important part in the company’s progress.


  • We recognize our staff and executives as a valuable asset for the company and we cater for ensuring the best working conditions and creating relations of constructing cooperation with the aim of assuring our common interests.
  • We are committed to ensuring the availability of information and resources necessary to achieve the objectives
  • We expand our activities so that we can be able to satisfy the increasing demands of our clients.
  • We are constantly aware of the evolutions in the fields related to our operations.
  • We apply thoroughly all the internal procedures that have an influence on the quality.
  • We cater for the immediate taking of reformative measures for dealing with any potential quality problems, whenever they may appear.
  • We foresee and point out possible risks, which may emerge during the projects, while, at the same time, we take precautions to prevent or minimize these problems up to an accepted level.
  • We set and review targets in relation to quality, safety & health, environmental and energy management.

The company has developed and has put into practice:

A System of Quality Management | ISO 9001:2015

A System of Quality Management, according to the demands of the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001:2015

A System of Environmental Management | ISO 14001

A System of Environmental Management, according to the demands of the International Organization for Standardization ISO 14001

A System of Hygiene and Safety | OHSAS 18001

A System of Hygiene and Safety, according to the demands of International Standardization OHSAS 18001

A System of Energy Management | ISO 50001:2011

A System of Energy Management, according to the demands of the International Organization for Standardization ISO 50001:2011


The Completed System provides the background for the accomplishment of an organized and targeted upgrade in all the company’s activities and from all its employees.

The administration is fully engaged with the constant improvement of the effectiveness of the System and the review of the objective goals for the quality, the hygiene, the safety and the environmental management.

The administration reviews the company’s Quality Management System annually, so that the constant eligibility, adequacy and effectiveness can be ensured

Management is committed to continually improving the efficiency of the System and reviewing the objectives of quality, hygiene & safety, and environmental and energy management


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